Black Squad 2017

An intense first-person shooter game that offers a multiple of exciting levels as well as realistic graphics

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Black Squad is a stunningly realistic first-person shooter with top-notch multiplayer arenas, dedicated servers and slick military themes.

Black Squad was developed by NS Studio and released in 2017. This release reaps the fullest benefits of the powerful Unreal Engine 3. The cutting-edge game features refined controls that are innovative and intuitive at the same time. Its high-definition graphics are super crisp and amazingly fluid. Rich 3D environments make for a captivating visual presentation that lends itself flawlessly to seamless combat and tactical precision.

This title is free-to-play, and the lack of pay-to-win features ensures that online competition is relatively balanced. Because Black Squad showcases a playing field that is truly built on skill, the best players really do end up on top. There are zero micro-transactions, which is part of why this game has become one of the most popular releases in recent years. All money purchases are strictly for cosmetic appeal, and these clever inclusions add a fun dimension to the seriousness of battle.

Military aesthetics are emphasized masterfully in Black Squad, and there are many ways to excel in combat. Some players can focus on aggressive brute-force gameplay while others may use the defensive strategies of stealth and assassination. BattlEye is supported to ensure there is no cheating in the multiplayer world.

The replay value is almost infinite, especially since there are countless maps to learn and conquer. This game also receives frequent updates and upgrades to maintain a quality experience. Clan Wars make it easy to keep track of your friends and enemies. There are a lot of dangerous players out there, so newcomers will face a stark learning curve. Some of the character types are mismatched, and the imbalance can provide a structural advantage for one player over another.

In the end, Black Squad is a state-of-the-art FPS that demonstrates the fundamental elements of a modern online title. While this polished production might seem like another generic clone on the surface, it actually offers a lot of ingenuity and originality. This download is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a sleek and streamlined universe comprised of deadly gunfights in real time.


  • Incredible online combat with secure and reliable servers
  • Free game offering only cosmetic purchases, so money cannot be a substitute for skill
  • BattlEye prevents cheating to maintain a fair competition
  • The graphics really are amazing


  • The online competition is very skilled, which may intimidate new players at first
  • Some of the opposing skill-sets are not balanced, so a built-in advantage may arise during some match-ups

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